A Little About Me

I grew up surrounded by family members who loved their culture, particularly the music that they grew up with. My goal is to keep those memories alive through my interpretations of those very same songs.


How It All Began

I started taking music lessons at the age of 10 after being inspired by various family members (various uncles who also played accordion) and television personalities (such as Myron Floren). My music and my roots are closely intertwined and now, as family has moved further away, the upkeep of traditions has become all the more important to me.


Past & Present

I have performed all over the Washington DC/Baltimore/Virginia areas and worked with some of the best musicians. I have two recordings under my belt ("Dedicato a Voi", 1999 and "Accordion 2 Me", 2011). I primarily perform with a "Colombo" MIDI accordion which allows me to play various styles of music, allowing my sound to be full as if you were listening to a band but still maintaining the predominant accordion sound.

Where You Can See Me


Cantina Mamma Lucia (Hanover, MD) 

** All dates POSTPONED due to current regulations governing dine-in restaurants 

Bella Napoli (Pasadena, MD) 

**All dates POSTPONED due to current regulations governing dine-in restaurants

(PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT Bella Napoli & Cantina Mamma Lucia during this critical time as carry-out business remains)



Feel free to send me a message using the form or call the number below and we can discuss booking availability. CD's (limited availability by contacting me using the form below). MP3's currently available through Amazon Marketplace.

Accordion 2 Me

(301) 262-3150